The UK's first natural probiotics drinks company

Feed your Gut!

Our drinks are ALIVE
They contain billions of beneficial gut bacteria and are a delicious way to maintain your gut flora.

Vegan, low in sugar, naturally carbonated and abundant in microbes (lab-tested).

What are natural probiotics?

Natural probiotics are live bacteria that have been produced naturally using an age-old preservation technique called natural fermentation. During the process of fermentation, carbon dioxide and bacteria are produced. These bacteria are very important for good gut health. By ingesting them frequently you will help to maintain a good balance of gut bacteria that live in your large intestine. Having a good balance of your gut bacteria will help to improve your immune system. Bio Alive is the only UK company to create bacteria naturally within the drink-making process, as opposed to adding bacteria strains separately.



Slowly open the bottle cap.

Tilt the bottle to reduce the bubbles.

Serve by tilting the bottle.

Store all drinks in the fridge. Want to learn more? Click on our video!

Bio Alive Drinks

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